Briefing on Trade Unionism– A short introduction to trade unionism with practical tips for engaging with trade unionists on climate change issues.

‘How to be an effective climate activist in your workplace’ – a WCA activist briefing on being a radical environmental activist at work

‘Why climate change activists support the BA workers’ – WCA bulletin for the March 2010 British Airways workers’ strikes

‘Climate Change is a Class Issue’– A general WCA leaflet which examines issues of capitalism, the inequalities of environmental destruction, sustainable production for social need, and industrial action to change the economy.

Lessons from the past: The New South Wales Builders Labourers Federation – The story of a miliant trade union that took up the struggle for the environment. Their struggle remains a model for what we seek to acheive today.

Lessons from the past: Lucas Aerospace and Workers’ Plans – When the economic crisis hit the British manufacturing industries in the 70s, workers developed plans for “socially useful production”.

The Workers’ Climate Action Logo:



3 responses to “Resources

  1. The link for the leaflet file doesn’t work!

  2. If you paste the link into your browser it allows you to download the file.

  3. can you post up a copy of your vestas leaflet

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