Unite consults all members in British Airways on union-busting and victimisation

Unite, the union representing British Airways cabin crew workers, launched a consultation of all its members at BA this month as management continued the victimisation and union-busting tactics which plagued the cabin crew workers’ strikes over the summer.  Continue reading


Climate9 press release: Green jobs motivation for climate action at Aberdeen Airport

From Climate 9

The “Climate 9” trial has heard that commitment to a just transition was part of the motivation for closing down Aberdeen Airport in March last year. Nine activists are accused of breach of the peace and vandalism and face trial by jury in Aberdeen, where video evidence showed climate activist Dan Glass talking to police, citing the lack of investment in “green jobs” as one of his reasons for taking action.

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Cycling Environmentalists Storm T5 in solidarity with BA Cabin Crew

Workers’ Climate Action, a campaign network of environmentalists, trade unionists and class struggle activists that fights for a Just Transition, hosted a critical mass cycle ride around Heathrow on Saturday 22nd May.

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Solidarity with Colombian oil workers!

By Ed Maltby

Yesterday I attended a protest outside the St James Square offices of BP, in solidarity with workers at the Tauramena plant in the Casanare region of Colombia, who are attempting to organise into the USO union. The Casanare region has suffered from BP oil exploration and extraction over the last twenty years. Environmentally – groundwater has been polluted and rivers diverted by the extraction operation run by BP – and in human lives: in a region with 300,000 inhabitants, nine thousand have been murdered or disappeared by BP-paid paramilitaries and anti-union thugs as part of BP’s war against local communities and the USO union.

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BA strikes back on!

By Sacha Ismail

Judges have ruled that the BA strike, recently banned by the High Court on a balloting technicality (see here), can go ahead (see the BBC website and the Guardian website for more).

Labour movement activists need to mobilise the maximum possible solidarity with the BA workers as a matter of urgency. We urge all those who can to take part in Saturday’s Workers’ Climate Action protest in support of the strike.

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Emergency Protest! Defend the right to strike!

Join WCA at the Royal Courts of Justice, on the Strand, WC2A 2LL, ***tomorrow at 9am***, when Unite are due to learn whether they’ll be allowed to appeal the disgraceful injunction against the BA workers’ strike.

Please spread the word!

Why we’re organising the Flying Bike Picket

By WCA Heathrow activists

On Monday a high court judge sided with the BA bosses and declared the planned strike by BA cabin crew workers ‘illegal’. On Saturday Workers Climate Action will be siding with the BA workers in demanding their right to strike. They have that right no matter how the judiciary interpret Tory anti-trade union laws, no matter how many media moguls denounce them and no matter how much intimidation they face from bullies like Willie Walsh and his management.
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