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Class struggle in the arms industry?

As workers at a nuclear weaponry facility go into struggle with their management, a WCA supporter looks at some of the issues.

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French oil workers vs. the state

By Daniel Randall

The savagely Thatcherite government of Nicolas Sarkozy in France has used police to break ongoing strikes at three oil refineries. All 12 of France’s refineries were blockaded by striking workers until riot police were used to break the strikes at depots in Donges, La Rochelle and Le Mans.

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What should we say about new technology at work?

The issue of how radical working-class activists, including climate campaigners, should respond to the introduction of new technologies in the workplace is becoming more and more relevant as more technologies become realities.

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Check out Transition Heathrow

Transition Heathrow is a network of activists based in the communities around Heathrow Airport fighting for worker and community-led transition as an alternative to airport expansion. Continue reading

Unite consults all members in British Airways on union-busting and victimisation

Unite, the union representing British Airways cabin crew workers, launched a consultation of all its members at BA this month as management continued the victimisation and union-busting tactics which plagued the cabin crew workers’ strikes over the summer.  Continue reading

BWTUC nuclear power debate

Nuclear plant
Nadine Houghton, organiser for Battersea & Wandsworth Trade Union Council and supporter of WCA reports on a recent debate on nuclear power, organised by BWTUC’s Red/Green Alliance.
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Where next for Climate Camp? A contribution

Read a new contribution to the debate ‘Where next for Climate Camp?’ here.

Climate Change is a Class Issue

Climate change is not simply a question of carbon emissions. The depletion of water, soil and mineral resources and decimation of biodiversity and ecosystems now being experienced across the planet are the result of an utter bankruptcy in the relationship between human economic activity and the rest of life on earth. It is now clear that if this relationship is not drastically altered in the coming years the consequences will be, to say the least, disastrous. Continue reading

Social Change not Climate Change

Capitalism and the government have already proved to us that they lack the will, the power, and the inclination to take action to mitigate the effects of climate change. Both rely on the continuous, maximal economic growth which results in climate change, and both have shown us again and again that they can find ways to benefit from ecological disaster. Continue reading