Unite consults all members in British Airways on union-busting and victimisation

Unite, the union representing British Airways cabin crew workers, launched a consultation of all its members at BA this month as management continued the victimisation and union-busting tactics which plagued the cabin crew workers’ strikes over the summer. Unite leader Tony Woodley said:

“In recent weeks, suspensions [of union activists] have escalated, with two reps recently suspended simply for attempting to represent other crew facing disciplinary action.  Around 80 crew have now been sacked or suspended, often for the most trivial reasons.

“It is now clear that agreed procedures are being abused for purposes of trying to destroy trade unionism among cabin crew.  It was my view from the start that this, not cost reductions, was BA’s real agenda and looking at the company’s recent actions unfortunately I have been proved right.

“This behaviour makes a mockery of commitments Willie Walsh entered into to ensure that disciplinary procedures would not be conducted in this way.  It undermines the credibility of all company commitments and is not the action of a management looking to resolve the dispute.

“This is no longer a matter for BA cabin crew alone.  If trade unionism is smashed among cabin crew, then we can be sure these methods will be extended to other groups of unionised BA employees.”

More here: http://www.unitetheunion.org/campaigns/ba_united_we_stand/unite_press_releases/unite_to_consult_across_ba_m-1.aspx

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