Climate9 press release: Green jobs motivation for climate action at Aberdeen Airport

From Climate 9

The “Climate 9” trial has heard that commitment to a just transition was part of the motivation for closing down Aberdeen Airport in March last year. Nine activists are accused of breach of the peace and vandalism and face trial by jury in Aberdeen, where video evidence showed climate activist Dan Glass talking to police, citing the lack of investment in “green jobs” as one of his reasons for taking action.

On Thursday a video of the protest was screened to the Jury, who witnessed defendant Dan Glass informing the police cameraman of their objectives. Dan Glass stated that they were there to “close the airport for as long as possible; stop C02 emissions as they are dangerous; to stop airport expansion; to end short haul flights; to get people in high-emission industry into green jobs; to highlight the social disparity between those who cause the problems and those who suffer the impacts.”

Glass 26, a community worker from Glasgow said “There can be little doubt that capitalism is a cancer that robs people of their autonomy, as well as their labour. It relies on limitless growth, externalises costs, refusing to even count the things that matter and in the end there is simply no way to quantify the value of an ecosystem in terms of money, so this system must end if we are to save our planet. Yet if climate change activism is to be effective, moreover if we are to achieve a just transition, our community movements and climate change movements must effectively engage with workers movements in a spirit of solidarity.”

Speaking of the links between climate change and workers movement’s accused Jimmy Kerr, 35, from Paisley added, “The middle-class environmental movement has a culture of blaming workers within environmentally destructive industries for the existence of those industries, yet these workers are themselves fiercely exploited. A perfect example is in the airline industry itself, where workers at British Airways are being cruelly demonised for attempting to retain the conditions that they have worked for. It is clear that our common enemy is not workers, but British Airways, who pay shareholders and invest in perpetuating unsustainable air travel instead of using their multi-billion pound profits for green transport.

The fact is that all struggles are deeply woven with the struggle to stop climate change, simply because climate change has disproportionate impacts on the poor, their suffering caused and exacerbated by arbitrary and unnecessary divisions. The Gate Gourmet strike action in 2005 is a good illustration of how these issues are linked, yet it was two years after the industry was almost crippled in that display of togetherness, before climate activists closed Heathrow Airport as part of the camp for climate action. There is no logical reason for this, our enemies are the same and our struggle is essentially the same, albeit couched in a different language. It’s my opinion that with proper planning and genuine open dialogue, solidarity action involving all progressive movements are not only possible and desirable, but necessary if we are to have any future for our planet, but particularly if we are to see a just transition to a carbon-free economy,”

The court was packed with supporters all week, which is due to continue on Monday 21st June morning at 9am. The Climate 9 trial has received messages of support from individuals and groups worldwide. For a full list of statements of support go to

“Climate change remains the biggest global threat we face – both environmentally and socially. Yet we still do not have any new international agreement to reduce emissions or a meaningful plan of action at a national level. The Climate9 refuse to stand by and ignore climate change so have decided to take on the responsibility that others are shirking. I applaud their campaign and hope others will be inspired to speak out and hold those damaging our environment to account.” Caroline Lucas, Green party MP for Brighton Pavillion.

I support the actions of the ‘Climate 9; who caused no harm to anyone, did not endanger anyone, but did succeed in their mission to raise awareness about the Government’s plans to support further expansion of airports across the country. We all, as members of the human race, should applaud people who are prepared to raise public awareness of proposals which our own Government has identified as dangerous to the planet.” Dr Anne Taylor


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Climate 9

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For more information and interviews contact

  • Dan Glass 07717811747
  • Miriam Rose 07765501687
  • Tilly Gifford 07717887221
  • Jimmy Kerr 07856799449

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