WCA engages with Grimshaw workers

Grimshaw Architects is the prestigious architecture firm who brought you Waterloo’s Eurostar Terminal and the Eden Project. However, Grimshaw also has a long history with BAA and is now designing the Third Runway at Heathrow. Grimshaw also has other BAA contracts on the go, which are rapidly undermining the company’s green credentials.

So now that the bosses have signed the contracts, it will be a while before construction starts. In response, WCA activists have been calling on the architectural designers to take action together as they are the first group in the construction process that are able to take preventative action. They have the power to halt production and call an end to airport expansion.

WCA activists have been leafleting Grimshaw workers for the last two weeks outside the central London office. WCA has been producing ‘Grim News’, a bulletin that aims to highlight the connections between environmental and workplace struggles. So far it has explained the impacts of the Third Runway and cleared up the myth that ‘professionals’ give up their rights to unionise.


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