Sheffield WCA meeting, Monday 8 February: solidarity with bus workers’ struggles!

For WCA, “green jobs” does not just mean jobs in renewable energy or other “green” industries. It means any job organised on the basis of putting human and environmental needs before the needs of profit; all jobs should become “green jobs”. Public transport is one sector which working-class environmental campaigners advocate is massively expanded; a key part of that is making solidarity with the current struggles of transport workers.

Sheffield WCA meeting: Monday 8 February, 7:30pm
Upstairs at The Bohemian Cafe, 53 Chesterfield Road, Sheffield S8 0RL.

Sheffield has a history of bus workers’ militancy. The bus network remains one of the best-organised industries in the city, and has seen several struggles over privatisation. Recent strikes by First Bus workers saw victories over issues such as sickness procedure and disciplinary abuses by management. On the 8th February 2010 Workers’ climate Action are holding a meeting to discuss how bus workers’ struggles against privatisation and pay cuts can be linked to our collective struggle against climate change.

Luke Evans of Liverpool WCA will talk specifically on potentials for alternative fuels, and local labour movement and environmental movement activists will discuss possibilities for building practical solidarity with bus workers’ struggles.


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