WCA conference: 10-11 October, 2009

WCA Conference 2009

A space for discussion and planning open to climate activists, trade unionists, and all those interested in workers’ politics and climate change.

Saturday 10 October, 11am-6pm @ Wilkins Old Refectory, UCL, Gower Street (nr. Euston Station)
Sunday 11 October, 11am-4pm @ East London, venue TBA.
Facebook event here.

Supported by the London Transport Region of the Rail, Maritime and Transport workers’ union (RMT).

Founded by socialists, anarchists, trade unionists, Climate Campers and other activists in November 2007, Workers’ Climate Action builds links between the labour and climate justice movements, to fight climate change and ecological destruction on the basis of working-class organisation and class struggle. We want a workers-led ‘just transition’ to a sustainable, socially planned economy.

WCA activists have played a key role in helping to initiate and supporting the (ongoing) Vestas struggle, in which wind turbine workers on the Isle of Wight occupied their factory to stop its closure, sparking a ‘red-green’ coalition fighting for jobs and workers’ rights and against climate change.

In the last two months, many new activists have got involved in WCA, so we’re holding a conference to discuss our ideas, plan actions and get organised for the period ahead. We’re an open, democratic network, so come along and share your ideas!

Sessions include:
* Building a class-struggle environmental movement after the experience of Vestas
* Intro to trade unions/their role in fighting climate change
* Debate on coal
* Agitating at workplaces, engaging with workers
* Debate on nationalisation vs cooperatives
* Structure and plans for WCA network

Come along, and bring workmates, friends and fellow activists!

If you need accommodation for the Saturday night, contact stuartjordan32@hotmail.com. There will also be a travel pool to help spread the costs of travel between attendees.


2 responses to “WCA conference: 10-11 October, 2009

  1. Since we didnt really have time to organise speakers from the NUM and those who support clean coal technlogy (which I think is actually TUC policy) at your conference.
    Can I suggest you approach the NUM to organise with you a joint conference on the question of Climate Change and Clean Coal
    ? We held a very successful one in Newcastle and another, possibly in Barnsley or Doncaster or indeed back in Newcastle would be useful and give us the chance to put our position. Especially on some of the anti coal anti miners noxious fumes coming out of sections of the ‘green’ movement.

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