Model Motion in support of the WCA conference

Below is a model motion in support of Workers’ Climate Action, and the conference on October 10th, at UCL in London.

This branch notes:

1. The IPCC report that argues we need at least an 80% global reduction in CO2 emissions by 2050 if we are to avoid irreversible climate change.

2. The recent factory occupation at Vestas Blades UK, the only wind turbine factory in the UK, where 625 jobs are at risk.

3. The ongoing campaign at Vestas, including a 24hr picket demanding that the government nationalises the factory.

4. The role of the Workers’ Climate Action network in organising and supporting the occupation and promoting the ideas of “worker-led just transition” in the labour and environmental movements.

This branch believes:

1. That climate change is a class issue. Working class people and the poor will be most affected by climate change.
2. That working class people have the power to stop climate change, by stopping production in environmentally destructive industries and using our skills in socially-useful, ecological production i.e. a “worker-led just transition”
3. That victory for the Vestas workers is vital for both the trade union campaign to defend jobs in the crisis, and for building a working-class ecological movement that can push forward this “just transition”
4. That solidarity is the only way to break through the short-term sectionalism of trade unionists in environmentally destructive industries, e.g. Unite’s official support for the third runway at Heathrow.

This branch resolves:

1. To donate £___ to the Save Vestas Campaign (details on
2. To donate £___ to Workers Climate Action and to send delegates to their conference on 10th October (
3. To set up a “Green Working Group” that can establish ways to green the workplace.


One response to “Model Motion in support of the WCA conference

  1. Covering Britain with Wind Estates will not alter the global position with regard to global warming, and CO2. Waging a war against the
    few remaining coalminers and the coal industry will not help find a soloution. Only the development of clean coal technology and carbon capture will do this. This means supporting the British coal industry, demanding Carbon Capture, demanding clean coal technologies be developed here for the third world . Hatfield Main Colliery will have a throughly effecient CCT plant up and running in 2014, it needs support and the plan needs extending.
    Renationalisation of the coal and energy industry, under workers control in conjuction with consumers.
    Clean coal technlogy in all British coal powered power stations.
    Fair trade on all coal imports with regard to union and safety rights and clean coal technologies.
    No open cast in areas which can be drift mined.
    No new Nukes
    Gas power for domestic consumption not power generation
    Development of solar energy, off shore wind and tides.
    No wind turbines in places of natural unspoiled
    environments , national parks and greenfield site.

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