Lush Cosmetics Workers support Vestas Picket

We just recieved this from the people at the picket of the Vestas factory –


Newport, Isle of Wight – Workers from the Lush Cosmetics factory in Poole, Dorset, have arrived at the camp set up outside the Vestas factory on the Isle of Wight to support calls for nationalisation of the only production facility for wind turbine blades in the UK.

The camp was set up after Vestas closed the factory last month, a move that will lead to the loss of 600 jobs.. Workers have already occupied management offices and picketed the site, they are now trying to stop the remaining blades and moulds from leaving the island and are calling on the government to take over the running of the facility,

Environmental activists have also joined the protest highlighting the governments pledge to create green jobs and increase the amount of renewable energy in the UK mix. (Legally binding targets are for at least 15% of the UKs energy to come from renewable sources by 2020, a seven-fold increase from where we stand now.) These promises are looking increasingly hollow with the loss of UK’s only local source of wind turbine blades and continued obstacles at the planning stage to build new wind farms.

Lush Campaigns Manager Andrew Butler says, “There are skilled workers on the Isle of Wight who can help us meet the UK’s renewable energy targets and play a vital role in averting catastrophic climate change. It would be madness to stop producing wind turbines in the UK, just as it is madness that so many wind farms are being rejected by local planning boards. Lush Cosmetics supports the workers at the Vestas factory in defending their jobs and urges the government to step in to save the factory and safeguard our future by properly supporting our renewable energy obligations”.

Lush staff will be outside the Vestas factory from midday on Monday until the end of the day on Tuesday. For more information please call Andrew Butler from Lush on 07876 596541 or Edward Maltby from Workers for Climate Action on 07775 763750.


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