Workers’ Climate Action at the Camp

Thursday 27th August

Tower Hamlets College: The provision of ESOL (teaching English as a second language) at the college is being slashed. This is not just an issue for the workers, who face redundancy, but for the migrant communities for whom access to education is of such importance. Members of the University and Colleges Union have announced indefinite strike. We will be joining their protests!

Saturday 29th August

Solidarity with postal workers: Members of the Communication Workers’ Union working for Royal Mail will be out on strike in London. We will be going down to picket lines in the morning to give solidarity.
Day of Action in solidarity with Vestas workers: Wembley Stadium is hosting the Warrington Wolves [sponsored by Vestas] playing in the Rugby League final. We plan to head down along with workers from Wembley Park tube station.

Sunday 30th August

Women and the miners’ strike 10.30-11.30: Workshop on the key role that women played in the great strike of 1984-85 and how that changed ideas about their role in society.

Climate change is a class issue 14.30 – 16.00: Workshop on the WCA network, our ideas, politics and further organising. New activists welcome.
Visteon, Lucas and Workers’ Led Just Transition 16.30 – 18.30: How do we tackle the most socially and environmentally damaging industries? What does solidarity with workers mean when their work is so bad for the world?
Monday 31st August

Vestas, fight to save a wind turbine factory 16.30 – 18.30: The closure of Britain’s only wind turbine blade factory was announced in March. Just over a month ago workers at the plant occupied it to prevent the closure. WCA activists have been central to the collaboration, planning and organising the campaign. The clash between the madness of the decision to close a plant like this, which seemed to sum up the madness of the bosses’ answers to climate change, and the militant self-organisation and courageous action of the workers and the supporters giving solidarity is exactly what WCA is all about. Get to hear from some of the occupiers and discuss how we can build the ongoing campaign and take the lessons forward into other struggles.


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