Vestas – Messages of Support Flood in

Messages of support for workers at the Vestas wind turbine factory have been flooding in from all over the country. Here’s just a few of them:

“The critical significance of the Vestas campaign is that it is a fight to save the jobs of workers who are at the forefront of our struggle to save the planet. It is sheer lunacy to allow this skilled workforce to be cast aside when they are so desperately needed in our drive for renewable energy sources. The Government must intervene to save these essential jobs.”

John McDonnell MP

“I send my full support to save your jobs and preserve the capacity you have to make Wind Turbines in Britain. Yours is a really important industrial facility with an strong environmental role.”

Tony Benn MP

“If you think we can be of any assistance, please let us know and we will do our best.

Resist! Occupy!

Social change not climate change.”

The Ford Visteon Workers Support Group (Enfield)

“We urge you not to place your hopes in politicians or in union bureaucrats. Workers self-organisation and Independence of action is more powerful than any lobby. Control your struggle and Do It Yourself! Direct action gets the goods.”

Cambridge Industrial Workers of the World


One response to “Vestas – Messages of Support Flood in

  1. Maybe worth considering examples to discuss like Argentina ex-Zanon tile factory ? – for this site to become a cooperative and supply wind turbines under workers & community control.

    An occupied bicycle factory in Germany produced red STRIKER bikes which good folks bought in solidarity.

    Like the Lucas Aerospace occupation in 1970s discussed turning “swords into ploughshares” from deadly art of the State war gadgets into useful hightech wheelchairs etc using their skills & the technology then available, this skilled workforce could take over and create world’s best wind turbines in best conditions for the workers and locals.

    Surely many climate change networks, unionists, social justice organisations etc would make their priority supporting this “green jobs” initiative.

    “No jobs on a dead planet” – earth worker

    in solidarity
    Melbourne Australia

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